Belgian Player Celebrates Goal By Kicking The Ball Into His Own Face—And Instantly Becomes A Meme ????

Belgian professional footballer Michy Batshuayi left an impression on his fans (and his face) Thursday when he tried to celebrate teammate Adan Januzaj’s winning shot against England by kicking the ball into the goal. 

But instead of hitting the net, the 24-year-old striker for Premier League club Chelsea and the Belgium national team got a head-turning, meme-worthy surprise. 

Unfolding like a clip from America’s Funniest Home Videos, you can see the ball ricochet off the goal post and smack Batshuayi in his left eye/forehead—apparently, a result on par with Batshuayi’s latest gameplay. According to Independent.IE, 

…Batshuayi was ridiculed for some horrible misses in Belgium’s Group G game against Tunisia last Saturday and he didn’t do much to suggest he deserves to be a first choice starter as he started against England in Kaliningrad.

Here’s the clip of the “winning” shot:

And here it is in slow motion:

Batshuayi was quick to comment on his football faux pas. Affectionally nicknamed “Batsman,” and known for having excellent online rapport with his fans, he was good natured about his mishap and able to laugh at himself. 

He said:  

Not surprisingly, many commenters reacted with what the German’s call schadenfreude—taking pleasure in another’s pain or humiliation:

For many fans, it even marked one of the most memorable moments of this year’s World Cup:

And the BURNS continued:

In this clip you can see Adan Januzaj’s winning goal just a second before Batshuayi’s epic moment:

H/T: Twitter, Independent.IE