Paralympian Slyly Drops Wu-Tang Clan Lyrics Into Serious TV Interview And Absolutely Crushes It

Often we find ourselves lost for words. In those moments, we tend to gravitate to the words of others. For Australian TV/radio presenter and wheelchair athlete Dylan Alcott, the words he chose were those of the Wu-Tang Clan.

During an episode of Australia’s ABC panel show Q&A, Alcott was sly in the way he answered his questions – and with good reason. The 27-year-old had accepted a task from his listeners to try and drop as many Wu-Tang Clan lyrics into his answers as possible. Being a massive Wu-Tang Clan fan, how could he deny the request?

Alcott kicks his segment on the show off by flashing the Wu-Tang Clan hand gesture and finds a way to integrate six lyrical references and two hand gestures without anyone on the panel realizing.  

There is a moment in the compilation video that cuts to the audience, specifically two men that seem to be in on Alcott’s antics. One man nudges the other with his arm while the two smile knowingly, as if in on a joke that, well, the rest of the room isn’t in on.

Though it may seem like Alcott’s insertion of rap lyrics into a serious discussion about disability would be making a mockery of his place on the panel, he was sure to keep his answers relevant and meaningful. If anything, it may have caught the attention of more viewers than it originally would have.

Alcott’s connection with the Wu-Tang Clan runs deeper than just inserting lyrics into a panel discussion. In 2014, the Paralympian joined Ghostface Killah onstage at Meredith Music Festival’s Supernatural Amphitheatre. 

H/T: Indy100, Music Feeds