Someone Legit Decided To Leave Their Entire House In The Middle Of A Street—And Facebook Came With The Jokes

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, someone has to go and leave their house in the middle of the street. Yes, it may sound stranger than fiction, but the Dover Police Department in Delaware posted two photos of a house that was left in the middle of the road on Tuesday.  

They captioned the photo:

Sooooo somebody left a house on Long Point Road. Nope this is not a joke. We are unable to get anyone to move the house until Wednesday, so Long Point Road is closed until further notice. Please use an alternate route of travel.

Here’s the post:

Commenters on Facebook and Twitter were just as surprised and dumbfounded as the police:

And the jokes commenced:

1982 anyone?

Some were reminded of the Wizard of Oz:

Some commenters offered their own advice to whoever left the house there:

Police were unable to locate the owners of the mobile home and had to close the street for a day until they could have it moved. 

What life lessons, if any, can be learned from this? Commenters on Facebook had some takeaways: 

Let’s just hope that whoever lost their home gets it back. That is, if they still want it: 

H/T: Facebook, Twitter