Twitter Rallies To Help British Soccer Fan After Learning He Left His Tickets Back In England

Luck simply didn’t appear to be on one football fan’s side. A man known simply as Douglas, traveled from England to Russia for a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a game between England and Panama. 

 Unfortunately, Douglas discovered upon his arrival in Russia that he’d left his ticket to the big match in his nightstand at home. But there was still hope. Douglas happened to be staying at the same hotel in Volgograd as ITV news editor, Dan Howells. Things were looking up! Who better to get the word out for another ticket than a member of the press?

 That’s just was Howells did. Reaching out on twitter to get Douglas another ticket.  

And it worked… kind of. There was one problem. 

Douglass had simply disappeared. 

People were now invested in this story.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. 

Sigh. Poor Douglas. And for some added salt in that wound, England won, 6-1

H/T: Indy100