Dating Event Exclusively For Well-Endowed Men Gives Average Guys The Shaft

Single New York City women often find themselves in a dating pickle. Sometimes they feel beaten down by city dating’s ups and down.

Sometimes dating in NYC is just plain hard. It’s no wonder women aren’t afraid to order a stiff drink on a first date.

But dating service OnSpeedDating has debuted a new party that might change the game for urban singles. 

This new party could mean that no woman is ever getting the shaft again. Honestly, not to sound cocky, but it’s the best idea ever.

The name of this new party is “Hung”. 

And in case you haven’t quite figured out the requirements of male attendees from the subtle hints in this introduction, check out the video. Look for the number on the men’s name tags. 

Those are in inches.

Lucy Vazquez, the hostess of the event said, 

“The minimum standard for [the evening] is seven inches.” 

But there’s no real way to know as everything is on the honor system. Vazquez said that double-checking the men’s claims is above her pay grade. 

Women who attended said that once they went big they could never go back. Others told stories of making up excuses to get out of dates with more modest sized men.

Men are seeing how they measure up.

Not everyone was a fan of the idea though.

And at least one person didn’t quite understand the meaning of “Hung”.

If this event has you pulsing with anticipation, head on over to the next Hung Night on July 28th. 

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