Everyone Is Making The Same Joke About The Jersey The Belgian PM Just Gave Theresa May

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, arrived in Brussels on Thursday to meet about Brexit. Prime Minister May has been surrounded by conflict regarding the Brexit decisions and has felt pressure from all sides to work faster. 

Charles Michel, Brussels’ Prime Minister, greeted May upon her arrival and gave her a gift. With the World Cup so recent, nobody was surprised with it was a football (soccer) jersey, but as Michel and May lifted up the jersey, laughter broke out amongst everyone when they saw whose jersey she received. It was none other than player 10, Eden Hazard.

Twitter erupted into fits of laughter, unable to stop itself from connecting politics to the name emblazoned on the jersey.

The foreboding “Hazard” joke is pretty obvious, but some have noticed the jersey number also has another connection to the British Prime Minister. 

Hazard is number 10, the same number as the infamous Prime Minister residence on Downing Street. 

Did Prime Minister Michel cleverly plot this audacious gift, or is it all mere coincidence? 

H/T: Indy100, Mirror, Twitter