NPR Had To Delete A Tweet After An Awkward Spanish Translation Error Changed The Entire Meaning ????

Yesterday NPR tweeted about the surge of Mexican women running for office in 2018. 

Apparently some people are calling 2018 “the year of the woman” and in their original tweet, NPR shared the phrase in both Spanish and English.  

However, in their Spanish quote they forgot the critical tilde symbol (~) over the ‘n’, causing the tweet to read “el ano de la mujer”. 

Check out a snapshot, provided by NPR, of the original tweet.

Soon Spanish speaking Tweeple noticed the critical error.

Lots of people had a good laugh over it.

Some were inspired to make their own jokes.

But not everyone was amused. Some felt like the mistake was yet another example of underrepresentation of minorities in mainstream media.

Whatever the reason for the error, I’m sure NPR has learned its lesson for años to come.

H/T: Twitter