Oprah And Friends Just Made An Adorable Video To Throw Their Support Behind Mexico At The World Cup

World Cup fever is in full effect and fans can be seen whooping it up across just about every social platform there is. 

In fact, it’s so popular, even Oprah Winfrey caught the bug and hit up her Instagram with a post ahead of Monday’s match between Mexico and Brazil. 

The media mogul, who was just given the distinction of being named the only female African-American billionaire on the Forbes list of America’s richest, posted a video with celebrity trainer and longtime Oprah guru, Bob Greene and a group of friends all donning green jerseys and rooting on the Mexican team. 

In the video the Oprah shouts excitedly, “We love it! We love ALL the countries— but we especially love Mexico!

Of course, the post caught the attention of many World Cup fans including the official Mexico National Team’s Instagram account, who reposted the video on Twitter and welcomed Winfrey “…to the Incondicionales family!!!” and thanking her for her support.

Others were pretty chuffed about getting Oprah’s support for their favorite team and the love was real:

In the end though, Mexico’s World Cup dreams ended Monday, with a 2-0 defeat to Brazil in round 16, on goals by Neymar and Roberto Firmino. This is Brazil’s third straight shutout victory and it leads them right into the World Cup quarterfinals.

Brazil fans did not hesitate to hit Oprah’s page in droves to rub the win in her much beloved face:

Mostly it just seemed like everyone enjoyed having Oprah anoint the competition and the festivities with her Insta acknowledgment:

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