People Can’t Stop Singing The Praises Of Comedian Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ On Netflix

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby’s first Netflix special, Nanette, is garnering a lot of praise for its candid take on topics like mental health and sexuality. Released just two weeks ago, the comedy special begins with deadpan humor before delving deep into Gadsby’s personal stories regarding homophobia and abuse, deftly tackling the #MeToo movement in the process. She even says at one point that she’s quitting comedy and many viewers say they can understand why by the end of her set.

Filmed at the Sydney Opera House, the special has been hailed as a triumph, jettisoning the genre of stand-up into new territory. 

Check out the response on Twitter:

Some found that Nanette made them feel uncomfortable, but in a way that they eagerly admit they needed:

Hailed as “radical” and “transformative” by The Atlantic, people can’t seem to say enough good things about Nanette, including Charlotte Clymer, the transgender woman and activist with the Human Rights Campaign who was kicked out of a D.C. restaurant for using the women’s restroom last month:

From what viewers are saying, it sounds like a program that everyone should watch:

H/T: Twitter, Business Insider