Real-Life ‘Spider-Man’ Who Scaled A Building To Save A Child Has Started His Heroic New Job

Mamoudou Gassama made headlines last month when he scaled the balconies on the side of a building to rescue a child hanging on the ledge. After his amazing rescue, Gassama, an immigrant from Mali, was hailed in France as a hero. Gassama even met French President Emmanuel Macron, and was awarded a medal for his bravery. At the time, the Paris Fire Brigade offered Gassama a job. He accepted the offer and recently had his first day on the job. 

The fire brigade posted a tweet that translates to:

 24 new Civic Service volunteers joined by the fire brigade in Paris this afternoon.  Congratulations to those who want to join us.

In the original video that went viral, Gassama shows extraordinary athleticism. 

People are thrilled Gassama was offered a job that suits both his skills and character.

H/T: Twitter Moments