79-Year-Old Adopted Woman Finally Meets Her 100-Year-Old Biological Mother For The First Time

 Joanne Loewenstern (79 years-old) of Boca Raton, FL finally met her 100-year-old biological mother for the very first time. 

Turns out her mom, Lillian Ciminieri, lives a mere 70 miles away in Port St. Lucie and had been told that her baby girl had died during childbirth. 

According to HuffPost, Ciminieri had lamented to family many times over the years:

  I lost my daughter.     

Meanwhile, Loewenstern, who found out at age 16 that she had been born to a single woman in the Bronx, New York, in 1938, had been given up for adoption. (Apparently, without her mother’s knowledge or consent.) Loewenstern, too was told her biological mother had died in childbirth but says that explanation never “felt right” to her. 

Enter Loewenstern’s daughter-in-law, Shelley Loewenstern who had heard her mother-in-law’s stories of feeling out-of-place, like she didn’t know where she came from. She decided to do something about it and signed up to ancestry.com, finally tracking down Ciminieri’s son, who ultimately helped put the two women in touch.

Watch their story unfold:

The women’s story attracted well-wishers:

Some just couldn’t believe it:

Does this mean there’s still hope for those who haven’t found their biological family members?

DJ Moffett summed what so many were feeling:

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter, YouTube