Dad Gives Daughter With Autism A Special Report Card After She Gets Bad Grades ️❤️

Parents of children with disabilities often find unique ways of handling those childhood trials and tribulations, such as a report card that reflects the difficulties they’re having in school. 

When a tearful 10-year-old Sophie Jackson showed her father, Shane, her report card of straight Ds, she never anticipated his reaction.

Sophie has autism spectrum disorder and rather than emphasize some of her challenges, Shane wanted to point out how her grades say nothing about her glowing personality.

So he came up with his own report card hoping to show her that she was doing great:

On the new report card, Shane highlighted some of Sophie’s stronger attributes, such as her imagination, her humor, and ability to draw and make robots. 

When Shane posted the new report card on Twitter, he surely shifted the mood of the more than 12,000 people that retweeted it and 64,000 that liked the post. Once he noticed the report card was going viral and Sophie was receiving a ton of support, Shane went and created a Twitter account to showcase some of his daughter’s artwork.

I mean, Dad of the year, anyone?

Among the posts was a report card that Sophie made for her father. 

Sorry Shane, but it looks like you have a little work to do.

If you’re tired of reading about politics and the horrors of the world, just take a minute out of your day and scroll through the many heartwarming responses.

It should brighten up your day a bit.

H/T: Indy100, Twitter