Business Is Booming For Boy Who Had Cops Called On Him While Mowing Someone’s Lawn

On Saturday, June 23, a woman named Lucille Holt asked a boy named Reggie to mow her lawn near Cleveland. Reggie agreed and, soon enough, was at the house “doing his thing.”

The day quickly became less pleasant, however, when a neighbor saw Reggie mowing Holt’s lawn and called the police. Apparently, she was concerned Reggie and his younger brother were trespassing…with lawn mowers. 

Holt can be heard exclaiming in a video taken later:

Who does that? Who calls the police for everything?

Despite this unfortunate incident, however, Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service is beginning to take off. Mrs. Holt posted a video to Facebook saying:

…this is what happens when your kids are doing positive things in Maple [Heights]. The police show up.

People around the world heard about Reggie’s work ethic and wanted to help him out! Holt launched a GoFundme page with the goal of buying Reggie some new supplies, and maybe a shed to store them in. It quickly surpassed it’s $1,000 goal by a hefty margin! In the 4 days since it went up, Reggie has received over $46k in donations. 

The GoFundMe comment section is filled with supportive words for Reggie!

What an amazing young man! You’re an inspiration! Good luck.

Please don’t let small-minded, petty people ruin your spirit. You are a good kid with a good work ethic and a bright future. You can help change the world for the better.

Way to go kiddos!!!!! Don’t let anyone or anything ever get into the way of your dreams!!!

Twitter was similarly impressed:

And the influx of capital is sure to help Reggie’s business serve the Cleveland area even better!

Reggie’s mom commented to Fox 13 News:

I’m so very proud of my son. I think it is so amazing how everyone is so supportive from all over the country.

Reggie has also been inspired to expand his business. Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service now also rakes leaves and blows snow! All for the affordable prices you know and love.

Reggie is grateful to everyone for their help, and hopes he can live up to their expectations:

I just want to thank everyone for all the kind words and all the support. It really makes me want to succeed.

You already have Reggie! Congratulations!

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