‘Modern Family’ Star Sarah Hyland Posts Makeup-Free Selfie With A Message Of Empowerment ❤️

Actress, Sarah Hyland, who stars on Modern Family started the week off with some words of kindness and a bare-faced selfie for her followers.  

Fans were happy to see Hyland doing well after a recent health scare that put her in the hospital with an undisclosed chronic illness. 

   Under the title ‘Monday Mantra’ she wrote:

Be patient. Be kind. Be free. Don’t stress. Don’t overthink. Don’t worry. Just be. 

#nomakeupmonday” #theresnofilterforlife

Hyland’s Instagram followers appreciated the words of wisdom and her beauty.

Hyland also has a political side.

She’s asked followers to support the #MeToo movement and participated in marches for gun reform. 

Other celebrities have also taken to Instagram to post no makeup selfies.

Like 52 year old and doesn’t look it model and businesswoman Cindy Crawford.

Actress and GOOP founder Gwyneth Paltrow did it to celebrate her 44th birthday back in 2016.

Actress Cameron Diaz shared hers in 2016 to speak about aging.

And actress, model and activist Laverne Cox did while sharing the message #TransIsBeautiful.

All these ladies shared a message we can all embrace.: love yourself.

H/T: Insider, Elle