Penguin Couple Goes For A Romantic Walk On The Beach—And It’s #RelationshipGoals ????

Just when we thought penguins couldn’t get any cuter.

Twitter user @freakingdani’s aunt was enjoying a stroll on the soft sandy beaches of South Africa when she spotted two lovebird penguins enjoying a romantic moment.

The unnamed videographer watches as the pair walk flipper-in-flipper and stop, as if to watch the waves roll onto the golden shores. The short video should be an inspiration to all of those out there having trouble finding love.

Of course, it may leave some feeling bad and with some pressing questions that need answers. For instance, Nathan (@PrimNathanIOW) is a bit confused as to how @freakingdani’s aunt spotting Penguins on her trip to South Africa.

As were a few others, who likely picture these adorable birds primarily in frigid environments.

Which lead to both a proper response:

And a great use of a GIF.

The romantic video will surely leave some feeling bad about their current status, including Bassbrains (@ErickVilla41), who’s not enjoying the perils of the dating world.

But he wasn’t the only one stricken by the apparent romance and love between these two flightless birds.

Brandon (@BimBam_S) provides dialogue that we can only assume is 100% accurate.

Are you with @jktwiw? Do you ship these two penguins?

Maybe Parks and Recreation wasn’t too far off with its episode featuring a gay penguin marriage!

And that, friends, is the story of two penguins and their romantic walk on the beach.

H/T: Twitter