This Year’s Best Selling Musician Is Surprisingly Not Kanye West—It’s Hugh Jackman

Move over, Yeezy, there’s a new star on the music scene — and it’s Hugh Jackman, the actor best known for playing Wolverine! 

Though 2018 has already seen new work from Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Drake, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake, the coveted distinction of “best-selling album” belongs to the original soundtrack of last winter’s movie musical The Greatest Showman.

In the movie Jackman plays a young P.T. Barnum, who leaves his regular life to start the world’s first circus. Conflict between the circus and formal British society ensues, inspiring many catchy songs, including several performed by Zendaya and Zac Efron. 

Though the film never topped the box office, the album has continued to sell long after its inspiration left theaters.

The album has gone platinum in 10 countries. It even went triple platinum here in the United States. 

It spent 23 weeks in the Top 5 albums in the U.S. and, at an ironic 21 weeks, it beat out Adele’s “21” for longest time at the top of the charts in the U.K. 

The Greatest Showman is also now the best-selling movie soundtrack since 2014’s Frozen.

Though audiences still buy original soundtracks when movies take the time to write them, as they did with Black Panther and Frozen, fewer and fewer films in modern times feel the need to compose their own songs, instead relying on popular mainstream music. 

Most of the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have soundtracks that sell well, but rarely include any new music. With Iron Man tapping into AC/DC and Guardians of the Galaxy reviving rock from the 1970s, Black Panther was a major departure from the norm.

This wasn’t always the case, however! 

The Bodyguard, Flashdance, and Footloose (all staples of the 80’s) boasted blockbuster soundtracks. Saturday Night Fever‘s original soundtrack actually enjoyed a brief stint as the best-selling album of all time until Thriller arrived a few years later.

So, which song from The Greatest Showman is your favorite?

H/T – Bloomberg, Getty Images, Getty Images