Woman Live Tweets The Most Adorable And Unlikely Airplane Love Story—And We Need More ????

A Texas woman, Rosey Blair, on a flight with her boyfriend, captured the potential for a blossoming new romance when they asked another passenger to switch seats. 

The adorable couple live tweeted the story as it unfolded, much to the delight of romance lovers everywhere. 

Things were looking good for these two. 

And Rosey promised to get the full scoop.

Then Rosey’s boyfriend asked the question we all wanted answered. Will he buy her a drink?

And here comes the drink cart. 

Then, after sharing the fitness equivalent of a cocktail, things got personal.

Rosey was even willing to make personal sacrifices to keep those following along up on the latest developments. 

Things seemed quiet for a while and then this happened. 

It was all progressing quickly. 

The plane landed and things were looking good for this couple. 

Time to celebrate!

In a surprise twist, John Legere, the CEO of Rosey’s cell provider, T-Mobile, asked to comp her for her wi-fi fees.

It’s happy endings all around!

H/T: Twitter