16-Year-Old Girl Who Has Been Bullied Her Whole Childhood Gets 126-Motorcycle Escort To Prom ❤️

A teen girl living in County Durham, England, Chloe Robson, was feeling anxious about attending prom. Since the age of seven, Robson, who is now 16, has been bullied and tormented by the other students in her class for the way she talks and her appearance. 

The abuse went from verbal to physical in middle school when other kids began throwing objects at her. Robson said this about the effects bullying has had:

The bullying had a bad effect – it made me feel left out and alone.

I had no-one to talk to about it and worried if I said anything it would get around – it will have a long-term effect on me

So it is no wonder that Robson would be nervous for prom and the treatment she would receive. That’s when Robson’s uncle, Grant Robson, decided to take action. As the leader of Bikes Against Bullies, the senior Robson rallied the troops and had 126 motorcycle riders escort his niece to prom.   

The arrival made quite an impression!

 Chloe had this to say about her big night and even bigger entrance:

 It was a big shock when we heard the engines and all the bikers turned up – I wasn’t expecting that many but it made me feel supported and confident.

They were surrounding the car all the way there and then escorted me to the school then there was applause from teachers and the families of other students.

It was an indescribable moment – my friends all ran up and said “wow, that was an entrance.

It looks like a good time was had by all. 

People appreciated the bikers. 

And gave support for Chloe. 

H/T: BBC, Indy100