Man Who Needed To Be Told The Correct Way To Eat A Kit Kat Proposes To Girlfriend With A 3-D Printed One

In one of the sweetest proposals the Internet has ever seen, Twitter user Evan Wilt (@EvanWilt_) popped the BIG question to his girlfriend, reporter Haley Byrd (@byrdinator) using a Kit Kat. 

Byrd and Wilt both took to Twitter on July 4th, to post the photoshoot of the event from the previous day, which shows Wilt down on one knee in front of the Washington Monument proposing to Byrd with an engagement ring that was hidden in a 3D printed Kit Kat bar.

But why did Wilt propose with a Kit Kat in the first place?

Because last month Byrd put her boyfriend (now fiancé) on blast for not knowing how to eat one, causing a Tweetstorm of controversy, with some calling for Byrd to dump the poor man over his inability to eat the popular candy bar correctly.

People couldn’t believe Byrd’s pic and its accompanying caption—how had Wilt never eaten a Kit Kat before? And how had he never heard their jingle, the lyrics of which give clues for how to eat such a bar. Which is why many users chose to post those lyrics. 

Byrd’s post quickly went viral and there were even tongue-in-cheek calls for her to free herself of such a burdensome man. 

There were even those who believed it was all a put on by the couple (and judging by this outcome, they may have been right). 

And a just few willing to defend him:

This one may even have served as inspiration for what was to follow for the couple:

But the story gets even richer, as Kit Kat itself took to Twitter to share the couple’s good news and to reveal that they had helped Wilt set up the unforgettable proposal that’s sure to be as memorable (and viral) as his first Kit Kat encounter:

Some were a teensy bit suspicious of it all…

Whether this whole thing was a Kit Kat media stunt or a real-life love story that Kit Kat just helped along, the people of Twitter were pleased:

After Byrd accepted Wilt’s proposal, they celebrated with a Kit Kat cake. Byrd quipped in a tweet that Wilt “still doesn’t know how to eat a Kit Kat.”

H/T: Twitter, ABC13