Stephen King Had One Simple Request For Independence Day—And The Internet Said ‘No Thanks’

Famed horror writer and vocal Trump critic Stephen King made a request on Independence Day. King hoped to quell the volatile political environment if even for just one day.

For Independence Day 2018, King pleaded that everyone take a break from the political slander and just “be Americans.” No division between “liberal snowflakes” and “Trumpies,” just a truce on the day of the nation’s birth.

It didn’t go quite as the author had hoped. Some people appreciated and commended King’s attempt to bring the nation together.

But the internet responded with a resounding “nope.”

People were clear that their objections weren’t just petty politics:

It’s not just that people don’t want to. They feel as if they can’t.

Some responses dug to the root of the issue and touched on exactly why some people aren’t talking to one another. 

In many cases, the divide was deeply personal.

One person challenged King with a similar task.

Many people denied King’s request, but the author did have his supporters. 

And there are people who have been practicing King’s Fourth of July request all along.

Some pointed to the recent handling of immigrant children as a reason not to hug a Trump supporter.

At least he can say he tried, though the nation needs far more than a few hugs to become united. And it definitely won’t happen overnight.

H/T: Huffington Post, Twitter