This Thread About How The Human Brain Adjusts What Our Eyes Actually See Is Mind-Boggling ????

Twitter user @Foone decided to freak everyone out on Tuesday by posting a lesser known science fact about the ways in which our brains and eyes work together to lie to us all. 

@Foone walked us all step-by-step (*or more accurately, tweet-by-tweet) through the whole freaky sordid truth about saccades and in doing so, revealed a sort of conspiracy of two, against us all. 

Take a look at all the madness @foone exposed—IF. YOU. DARE…

And just like that, minds were blown:

Just one more brick in the perception versus reality debate:

People thought the discussions being had on this Twitter thread were awesome and thought provoking, moving well beyond the OP’s original focus—but they are all worth a read. Lots to mine here. Some even wanted to translate it for people around the world to enjoy:

@Foone had lots of other brain/eye deception revelations on the thread that day—which you should definitely check out

But Foone also left us all with this little time bomb of a tidbit:

H/T: Twitter