Wrestler Goes Flying Way Out Of The Ring In Mind-Boggling Video That Left Fans Stunned ????

On July 1, there is no bigger event than the Empire State Wrestling Interstate Title in New York. The independent wrestling league wanted to host a finale that blew the minds of everyone in the audience and—wow—they absolutely did.

Wrestler Anthony Gaines was talking some smack before his match-up with Ace Romero. Once they got into the ring, however, Gaines fell victim to a devastating final move many wrestling fans have never seen before!

It looks just as crazy from every angle.

Even hardened fans had a minor heart attack when Gaines sailed out of the ring.

The move couldn’t have been easy to pull off but, judging by Twitter’s reactions, it was worth it.

Gaines was definitely higher up than any human should be.

Someday, according to legend, Gaines will finally fall back down to Earth.

Until that day, all we can do is admire one of the most epic finishers of all time. Well done, Romero!

H/T – Twitter