These Guys Drank Over 2,000 Beers as a “Gift to America” And Created a Masterpiece

How did you spend your month leading up to the Fourth of July? Probably working and planning for a barbecue bash with friends and family, right? If so, it certainly wasn’t as productive as Zane and Rain’s month.

Twenty-two-year-old Rain Wiggand spoke with BuzzFeed News about his very busy lead-up to July 4th, 2018, and it involved his friend, 21-year-old Zane Liles, over 2,000 beers, and the definition of patriotism.

The two boys wanted to do something to commemorate America’s 242nd birthday. So, in the month before July 4th, they started drinking a ridiculous amount of beer, averaging approximate 811 beers between the two of them. The product of their feat was an American flag made up of Bud Light, Miller Light, and Budweiser cans. 

Zane and Rain unveiled their drunken art project on the Fourth of July, touting in a Tweet “2,028 beers and 28 hangovers within a month all in preparation for our Beer Flag.” 

The pair didn’t do it alone, however. While he duo pounded down more than 800 beers over a month, drinking approximately 14 beers a day for 28 days straight, the remainder of the cans were provided by six of their friends, all pictured in the tweet.

Of course, you don’t accomplish such a feat without consequences, and according to Zane, “It was a monthlong hangover that nothing could cure.” That’s dedication to one’s country!

Somehow, the pair were able to function normally. For Rain, that meant being in a perpetual hangover while still managing to perform his job as a landscaper. “It absolutely made work harder,” he admitted. “I was so dehydrated and hungover all the time.”

The true test of a job well done, however, is whether you’d do it all over again. In Rain’s case, he “would absolutely do it all over again. I had one hell of a time making this beer flag.”

After all their hard work, Zane, Rain, and their gaggle of friends received quite a bit of praise with the occasional, easy-to-ignore, negative comment. “I think that people who are hating on it are people who don’t respect the flag and our country as a whole,” Zane said of their critics.

They received plenty of praise, though we think the salute should really be to their livers.

While we can’t condone downing that much alcohol in a month, there’s no denying that this American flag made of beer cans is a masterpiece.

H/T: BuzzFeed, Twitter