People Are Roasting This Guy Who Called 911 Over A Cold Hamburger

We’ve all been dissatisfied with a meal at least once in our lives, but we know protocol is to complain to the chef, not police. Apparently, somebody didn’t get that memo.

In Ontario, Canada, you know, the place know for it’s overt politeness, an irate McDonalds customer turned to 911 after receiving a meal that was too cold for his liking.

Service spokesperson for the Hamilton police department, Jackie Penman, responded to the incident, stating the customer ordered through Uber Eats, though it’s unclear whether fault falls on McDonald’s or the delivery service.

While cold food is frustrating, the customer was reminded that the emergency service line is reserved for emergencies. The internet was far less kind to the unhappy customer.

Once the incident went viral, Twitter users weren’t shy in shaming the irate individual. In most cases, public shaming is uncalled for, but tying up emergency services is a pretty egregious offense. 

Carly Conway (@carlyconwayTV) of CVT Toronto had a very straight forward reply that sums up how just about everyone is feeling about the incident.

Others were less surprised about cold food coming from a McDonald’s.

And questioning the need to order McD’s through Uber Eats.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Twitter if the whole scenario didn’t dissolve into a series of puns and really bad jokes.

For instance, the inevitable use of a condiment pun.

And seeing as how the restaurant in question was a McDonald’s, you know someone would step in with a Hamburglar reference.  

The official Twitter account of the Hamilton PD even stepped in with their own means of poking fun.

H/T: Twitter