Push Notification About A Driverless Car Is Truly a 2018 Conundrum

An early morning push notification with a leading question had folks wanting to go back to bed and climb under the covers. ABC – Australian Broadcast Corporation sent out a push notification on a story about driverless cars and the implications of having a machine make life or death decisions.

Within the article a series of questions are asked with moral implications and potential life ending consequences. 

 It was too much, too early for some folks. 

People couldn’t agree more. 

Some folks felt this was a reimagining of the trolley question of, “Do you pull the lever?”

A slight (big) difference is sitting in the car when it makes these decisions. 

One thing is for certain: it got everyone off to an introspective day (whether they wanted to or not)!

Tomorrow can we just play ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ on our way to work?