Twitter Users Mercilessly Troll Alex Jones With #SecondCivilWarLetters

At the beginning of the month, the much-reviled conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed performance artist Alex Jones, of InfoWars fame, tweeted his theory that Democrats were planning to start a civil war on the Fourth of July—Independence Day. 

Here’s Alex Jones’s original tweet:

But what Jones wasn’t planning for was a backlash of tweets mocking his ludicrous notion. Using the hashtag #secondcivilwarletters, folks on Twitter wrote a series of correspondence tweets as if they were on the front lines of battle. 

And the results were hilarious: 

And while some comments were purely funny: 

Other commenters were particularly deft with inserting some comical commentary: 

And in some cases, the battle of the wits led straight to the library:

One from the allies:

H/T: Mashable, Twitter