Discovery Of 50 Brown Recluse Spiders In Woman’s Bedroom Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

The sight of a spider is enough to send many people running in the opposite direction, so when a Nashville woman found nearly fifty Brown Recluse spiders just chilling in her bedroom, she began searching for a  new bedroom.

It started innocently enough. The woman awoke to red bumps on her arm  and some pain. She went to the doctor, filled a prescription, and  figured that would be it. It wasn’t until she was in the emergency room  after suffering hallucinations a few days later that she realized  something much more unsettling was afoot.

Despite her apartment managers spraying her unit, the woman described finding Brown Recluses “left and right.”

In case you aren’t familiar with the Brown Recluse species here’s an image for reference (with cute eyes added to protect the squeamish):