A 1966 Greyhound Bus Was Remodeled Into A Tiny Home–And You Can Buy It

Born and raised in the shoebox-sized apartments of New York City, 30-year-old Jessie Lipskin was more than prepared to downsize and move into smaller – and more sustainable – digs.

Lipskin researched the most sustainable ways of living, and sure enough, came across the tiny house movement. Inspired, she sought out to build one of her own from the bottom up. She found the foundation — a 1966 GMC Commuter Greyhound bus — and spent the next three years converting the bus into a minuscule, minimalistic mobile home. 

The finance manager didn’t do it alone, though – she had help from a few friends, and contractors. She bought the bus on eBay for $7,000 in 2015, and spent about $125,000 on renovations. It was completed in January 2018 in Asbury Park, New Jersey, where the bus still resides. 

Lipskin is a big fan of the area:

“I love the town of Asbury. There’s a huge array of different people from photographers to musicians, a really cool restaurant scene, a ton of vegan options.” Lipskin, who also practices sustainability with a vegan diet, said.

Standard RVs lacked a certain charm, which is the reason she turned to a vintage bus. Turns out, dated busses like this one can still be counted and insured as an RV. Before she bought the bus, Lipskin didn’t even have a driver’s license.

Imagine that being your first car. 

The vintage bus has all of the modern amenities, including custom woodwork, and an energy-efficient washer and dryer set. She also has a kitchen equipped with an oven, a stove top, wooden counters, and a large sink. 

There is a ton of storage all around the mobile abode, which was a challenge to incorporate:

“One of the hardest challenges was building walls and storage and closets in. If the angle isn’t exactly the same every time you park, you might have an issue with opening a door or something.”

Perched on the back window of the bus, the bedroom boasts a great view, and happens to be a great spot to read. Lipskin has opted out of having a television, not because she doesn’t have the space for it, but because she prefers reading a good book instead. 

She appreciates the tiny home lifestyle, which has allowed her to spend more time reading.

“I feel like I’ve been so busy these past few years that I haven’t read as much as I’d like. I have the time now to do that.”

Despite the home having such a small stature, it can comfortably accommodate more than one person. There is a second sleeping area in the front of the bus, equipped with a full-sized pull-out bed.

She has infused a ton of personality into each area of the chic tiny home. There are a few paintings, a vase of fresh flowers, patterned throw pillows, and a few knick-knacks. But, you won’t find a ton of stuff here. 

Lipskin has learned to prioritize what she owns, and hold on to things that are most important and meaningful to her – like family photos, and fine china passed down from her great-grandmother. 

Best part of this quaint mobile home? It’s for sale!

So if you’ve ever dreamed of traveling the world, and living in a tiny house that can go anywhere you do, this is your chance. Lipskin is selling her gorgeous mobile home for $149,000.

She has trouble driving the bus because of the size, and is considering downsizing to a van in the future. Because she has a flexible, remote work schedule, Lipskin plans on traveling as much as possible before settling down somewhere. 

“I haven’t decided where I want to settle down, but I do love the northeast. New England, I love it there.”

Imagine all of the adventures someone could go on in this humble abode…

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