Trump’s Campaign Slogan For 2020 Is Straight From A Horror Movie—Literally 😱

The Trump Campaign is preparing for the 2020 elections and with that comes a new campaign slogan.  MAGA is so 2016.

Under their typical tone-deaf approach, the Trump Campaign decided to update “Make America Great Again” to “Keep America Great”.

Does that sound familiar? 

The phrase is a direct rip-off from The Purge: Election Year

Yes, a horror film franchise about a nightmarish dystopian future created by out of control theocracy and White supremacy already used the tagline “Keep America Great.”

The series’ newest installment, The First Purge, even debuted a red hat emblazoned with the movie title that was unmistakably reminiscent of Trump’s famous MAGA hat.

Is art imitating life or is life imitating art?

But despite the fact that the movie franchise they are stealing from has continuously made jabs at him, Trump’s campaign seems serious about using “Keep America Great”. 

In fact, Trump’s campaign filed an Intent to Use on the phrase “Keep America Great” (with and without exclamation points) two days before his 2017 inauguration and over 6 months after The Purge: Election Year hit theaters.

There is a back-up slogan available. On January 5, 2017, a few weeks before the Trump camp filed to lock down “Keep America Great, Trump supporter Patrick Goux filed an Intent to Use on the phrase “Keep Our America Great

That’s more… accurate?

Apparently Goux had inklings that Democrats might try to claim the phrase before Trump could, so he “filed it so no liberal asshole could file it, and I was gonna donate it to the Trump campaign for a dollar and a handshake.”

Mr. Goux has feelings about liberals.

Meanwhile, Purge producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form were asked if Trump’s use of the slogan surprised them. 

Not really. 

“It felt kind of natural after we made the movie and then he used that,” said Fuller. 

Seems like it was indeed natural as Trump supporters have already embraced the as yet unofficial slogan.

But some people have better ideas for Trump’s 2020 slogan.

Still, it seems disturbingly appropriate that Trump would choose a tagline from a horror film for his re-election campaign. Plenty of people around the world are horrified by the idea of Trump in 2020.

H/T: HuffPost, IMDb