Ben Affleck Accurately Predicted Streaming Services Like Netflix Back In A 2003 Interview ????

Everybody’s favorite Hollywood punching bag, Ben Affleck has been unmasked as a kind of digital Nostradamus for our time.

Posting a 2003 interview of Affleck doing press for his Project Green Light winner, The Battle of Shaker Heights, Twitter user John Backus (@backus) noted that  Affleck “perfectly” predicted “Spotify and Netflix” and that he was “almost exactly right about the unit economics of annual music subscriptions and the timing of online movie streaming.”

Apparently, Backus  had been “diving deep on the history of file sharing,” when he came upon the clip in the Internet Archive:

Folks on Twitter had mixed responses with some lauding Affleck’s intellect or prognostication abilities:

Some couldn’t wait to point out that others had said the same thing at the time and to debate whether Affleck was doing anything more than parroting something he read:

Even citing a celebrity who pre-dated Affleck in those conclusions—non other than Rocker/Actress Courtney Love.

Not quite five years later, in 2007 Netflix announced it would begin streaming content to computers. Spotify, launched just a year later (in 2008)— exactly as Affleck predicted.