Man Gives Very Serious Interview While His Cat Climbs All Over Him As If It’s Completely Normal ????

Polish academic Jerzy Targalski was being interviewed for the Dutch news program Nieuwsuur, on the serious topic of the removal of a Supreme Court Judge in Poland, when his cat decided to get some face time on camera by jumping on his shoulder.

Most people would be distracted by the cat, but Targalski stayed focused and continued his topic of conversation. During the interview, the cat wrapped its tail in front of Targalski’s face. The academic moved the tail away from his face and continued with the interview.

Clearly, Targalski is a cat lover. 

Cat lovers can be found in many towns. 

It must have been hard not to laugh. 

People could relate. 

Cats are entertaining and make people laugh.

H/T: Mashable