Someone Announced Their Pregnancy Inside A Pizza Box—And It’s Honestly The Sweetest ️❤️

Everything is better with pizza! 

That’s not to say a pregnancy announcement isn’t a joyous thing to begin with, but… it’s totally better with pizza. And Twitter user bby leesh (@bbyleesh6) has the proof.

While working her shift at Dions in Albuquerque, NM, a very special request came in. On a handwritten note, a patron requested that the pizzeria write a special message on the inside of the pizza box. 

Without hesitation the pizzeria delivered. As bby leesh confirms, the stylish handwriting came from a fellow employee known as Twitter user Cheyenne @Cheyheyenne. 

As expected, there was quite a positive response to both the announcement and how the Dion restaurant employees handled it. Largely, people were impressed by Cheyenne’s handwriting and desire to fulfill the customer’s request.

Some people came forward with their own attempts at using pizza to their advantage. It didn’t always work.

We don’t know who Javier is, but if the pizza box says it, he must be real.

As happy as such an announcement should be, not everyone would accept it gracefully. 

… he would remove the pizza first, right? 

We can only imagine what his response was, but this tweet seems pretty accurate. How else are you supposed to react when you expect delicious, green chili pizza but wind up getting a baby as well?

H/T: Mashable, Twitter