Woman Shares Incredible Story Of How She Found Her Biological Family ????

Ancestory.com has been making headlines lately. The popular genealogy service—the largest company of its kind—helps people discover their roots and has reunited biological family members.   

One such woman is Albreanna (@Albreanna89 on Twitter with a handle of Kitty). Adopted at birth, she never knew her biological family—only her parents’ ethnicities. But thanks to Ancestory.com and one persistent brother, all that has changed.

Here’s her story via a Twitter thread:

The reunited siblings wanted Albreanna to meet her mom. So they flew their mom out as a surprise. She didn’t know Albreanna had been found until they arrived at the airport.

Watch that part of the story unfold:

Here’s a clip of Albrianna right before meeting her mom for the very first time. 

Understandably nervous, she is a cocktail of emotions:

Getting ready to stop by the liquor store before heading to the airport:

In the airport with kid-like jitters, the big moment just minutes away:

Watch the mom lose it when she finds out Albreanna is there:

Mom and daughter together at last:

Albreanna’s mom was sad to give her up when she was a baby:

A happy ending:

Albreanna’s mom in the ’90s:

Twitter was delighted for Albreanna and her family:

Her story brought some to tears:

Some wanted a little more info:

But @RagelRose04 speaks for us all:

H/T: Twitter, Ancestory