Drag Queen Halts Wedding With Fiery Performance Of ‘It Should Have Been Me’

Have you ever seen somebody object at a wedding? Well, here’s a video to fill that void in your life.

At the wedding of Peter McConnachie and Peter Deaville at Saint Luke’s church in Glasgow, guests were treated to an unexpected and unusual event when drag queen Cherie Trieffel stepped up with her objection to their union. Rather than just voice it, however, she performed it.

Cherie, performed by drag artist Mark Swift, was recorded by wedding guest Graham Cole and shared on Facebook for all the world to see. Her lip syncing performance of 1963’s “It Should Have Been Me” was passionate and fiery. It also confused wedding guests who had no idea the grooms were in on the joke. 

As Cherie made her way to the altar, she was sure to stop and give an unsuspecting wedding guest an impromptu kiss.

While the arranged performance seemed to have been met with mixed reactions from the ceremony’s guests, the internet went wild for it. Graham’s video received over 120,000 shares and 5.5 million views, earning it the coveted “viral” status in just a few days.

Among the countless tags, comments ranged from “Bloody brilliant” to people wanting to hire Cherie for a future wedding.

While it’s clear from the video that Peter and Peter enjoyed the performance, there was at least one guest who was confused and maybe not so amused. In an interview with Glasgow Live, Graham revealed that McConnachie’s mother thought the interjection was 100% real. 

In all, some may say that the joining of Peter and Peter was quite a bit more eventful than originally planned.

H/T: Indy 100, Glasgow Live, Facebook