Subway Worker Crushes A Vegan’s Soul After Informing Her That Mayo Isn’t Actually Vegan ????

If sticking to your convictions meant giving up a food you love, could you do it? One woman wasn’t quite strong enough to hold her ground as a vegan when it came to a beloved egg-based condiment.

In a post on Facebook, Subway worker Gabriel Caulfield-Bohlken shared a story about a vegan customer who wasn’t quite as vegan as she thought. Gabriel reveals how, one day at work, an unidentified vegan woman came into the sandwich chain and requested a simple-enough concoction of veggies and toasted bread.

“As I went to get the bread she asked me if I could change my gloves cause (sic) she was vegan and I had been handling meat,” Gabriel explains. It’s a simple enough request that he complies with. 

Then, as he’s putting her sandwich together, the confusion starts. “Can I get some mayo?” the customer asks. At first, Gabriel thought it was a joke.

He waits a moment, expecting her to laugh and throw out a verbal “lol, jk!” But it never comes. “You know mayonnaise has eggs in it, right?” Gabriel finally tells her.

It was in that moment that her life turned upside down. “I felt so horrible, she stood there with such a distraught and defeated face, I had shattered this poor girl’s world.”

In her surprise, the girl asks for clarification, fretting that she gets “mayo every time.” Unfortunately, there’s no undoing history, as Gabriel explains to her, “mayo has egg whites in it.”

The education lesson on veganism, however, did not sway the girl. When asked if she’d still like mayo on it, defeated, she said, “Sure, go ahead,” took her non-vegan sandwich, and left. 

The Vegan Internet didn’t take so kindly to the woman’s cluelessness about veganism or even the fact that, once she found out mayo had eggs in it, she took the sandwich anyway.

At least one person is a little more understanding, explaining it away as a confusion between vegan and vegetarian.

H/T: Fox News, Facebook