Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ Is Climbing the Charts in The UK for Exactly the Reason You Think

At some point, it gets tiresome being the laughing stock of the whole world. Or, at the very least, being led by the laughing stock of the whole world. In the latest global anti-Trump campaign, the British have set up a warm welcome for the U.S. President to go along with the giant inflatable Trump baby set to soar over London upon his arrival.

On Thursday, Trump will arrive in the United Kingdom following a NATO summit in Belgium, and UK protesters have found a unique way to welcome him. They’re trying to push Green Day’s 2004 song “American Idiot” to the top of the charts.

There is even a Twitter account dedicated solely to the movement.

The 2004 single was originally written about then-President George W. Bush, but does seem appropriate now.

With just under 2,000 followers, the Twitter account features tweets expressing disdain for the President, some from U.S. citizens.

Along with hitting Amazon’s number one spot in the U.K., Huffington Post reports the song also broke into the Top 20 on Monday. 

The Twitter account reports the song has hit number one on Google Play, as well as numbers 3 and 24 on iTunes.

Along with the 20-foot blimp and the new presidential anthem, Trump’s visit is expected to be met with mass protests.

As hard as people are trying to make “American Idiot” stand out, there is a small hitch in the form of the 1996 soccer anthem “Three Lions.” Written for the 1996 Euro tournament team, it’s expected that the song will regain popularity when England’s soccer team takes the field against Russia this evening.

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