Racist Kentucky Man Attacks His Neighbor With A Weed Whacker After History Of Property Line Disputes

On today’s episode of “An Attack Occurs Every Day,” a “crazy old racist man” attacked his neighbor with a weed whacker. Larry Haynes, 67, is the subject of a story of outrage over Independence Day fireworks and weeds after he took the lawn groomer to his neighbor’s shoulder after a brief interaction.

In video captured from the victim, Thomas McMullan, 36, Haynes can be seen lifting his weed whacker off the ground and bringing it down on McMullan’s shoulder. 

According to the victim, he went to confront Haynes over a weed that was tearing into his fence. It’s believed Haynes was already sore about firework debris that was on his lawn after the Fourth of July.

Though McMullan “looks like he fought with an animal and lost,” he took the hit in stride, calmly stepping away from the fence and telling an unseen individual to call the police.

Haynes isn’t a stranger to disputes, however, as there have been 40 phone calls placed to local police over the past four years. Haynes is also linked to 19 additional calls placed by previous neighbors. 

The crotchety neighbor has also been known to throw around racial slurs, as reported by the McMullans during a 2016 July 4th party. The video shows Haynes taunting party-goers across the property line and, according to Thomas’ wife, Amanda, he even “pulled a gun over trash in his yard for fireworks with eight kids in my yard.”

Despite Haynes’s track record, he continues to suffer no consequences, and his family believes the same will happen with the weed whacker incident. 

“Each time they call and they press charges, my grandpa’s been found innocent,” Haynes’ grandson, James, said in a statement. Regarding the most recent altercation, he said, “My grandpa got startled and as a natural reaction, he lifted up the weed eater.”

According to Bullitt County Chief Deputy Mike Cook, however, the evidence is a little clearer in this case, painting a grim picture for the crazy old racist. 

Haynes was bonded out of Bullitt County Jail on Monday. He could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. 

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