Stephen Colbert Shows Off His Winning ‘Trump Nomination Bingo’ Card For The New Supreme Court Pick

On Monday, President Donald Trump revealed his nomination to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, and it’s as bad as everyone expected. Not wanting to be all “doom and gloom” about Trump’s choice of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Stephen Colbert decided to have a little fun at the president’s pick during his Tuesday night monologue on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Just kidding! Even Colbert had a hard time dealing with the nomination, which he reveals in the form of the drinking game he played during the nomination reveal. “I had a little drinking game. I would pour myself a drink every time my glass was empty,” the late-night host mused.

But that wasn’t all he did to get through the tense and stupefying pick. He played, and won, “Trump Nomination Bingo.” Not that it was difficult to win considering we all could have guessed who Trump would have picked – generic white guy. Or, as Colbert calls him, a “cover model for Generic Dads Monthly.” 

Colbert held up his Bingo card triumphantly, showing he had checked off enough “White Guy” squares to win. 

“It’s not a hard game to play,” Colbert quips. 

The late-night host wasn’t the only one a little perturbed about Trump’s nomination of Kavanaugh. Democrats immediately responded to Kennedy’s possible replacement, showing concern for Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, released a statement on Twitter stating “I will oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have, and I hope a bipartisan majority will do the same.”

Schumer’s concerns over Kavanaugh’s nomination were echoed by Rep. Joe Kennedy III, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen, and just about every other Democratic politician. 

During his nomination speech, Trump commended Kavanaugh on his “impeccable credentials, unsurpassed qualifications, and a proven commitment to equal justice under the law.” What he left out, however, was the nominee’s belief that a sitting president should be protected from indictment and that Kavanaugh isn’t concerned with environmental pollution.

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