Twitter Wasn’t Having Any Of Kellyanne Conway’s Praise Of The Thai Cave Rescue

Kellyanne Conway can’t seem to keep her foot out of her mouth, even after President Trump received potent backlash for his Twitter comments on the rescue of the youth soccer team trapped in a Thai cave.

On Tuesday, the White House adviser praised the successful rescue of 12 Thai boys and their coach from the six-mile long Tham Luang Nang Non cave system in northern Thailand, saying on Twitter that the rescue represented “the very best of humanity,” and that, “We’re better when we come together.”

While Conway served up feel-good platitudes, people didn’t seem to feel good about her joining in the celebration:

Some questioned her ability to care:

People all over the world watched the difficult Thai rescue effort unfold, with anticipation for a happy outcome. Nations from around the globe sent their very best, including divers, qualified experts, and rescue workers, to aid in freeing the boys, who were trapped within the dark, flooded confines of the cave during their 18-day ordeal. One brave volunteer, an ex-navy diver named Saman Gunan, gave his life to the cause while placing oxygen tanks for the children along the cave’s escape route. And billionaire Tesla executive Elon Musk set his people to work on a single-person escape pod.

One person wondered what the second best example of humanity might be for Conway:

H/T: Twitter, HuffPost