Texas Woman Catches Her Brother-In-Law Cheating On National Television—And Totally Calls Him Out

Some guy in Texas is learning a hard lesson today about keepin’ his creepin’ on the down low after his sister-in-law caught him blond-handed on a live television broadcast of a major league baseball game between the Houston Astros and the Oakland A’s (—the Astros won) Tuesday night. 

It appears that the family has had its suspicions in the past about the man prior to him being put on blast by his sister-in-law. 

According to 12Up, Brooklynn (@ThisIsBrooke_), posted a tweet that since been taken down (her account has also subsequently been taken private), allegedly featuring a pic of her unfaithful brother-in-law, along with these words:

Shoutout to national television for proving my brother in law is the same cheater we always thought he was #boybye 

Some fed the fire with shots of their own of the alleged couple from the game:

While some on Twitter cautioned calling him a cheat without a clean shot of the pair canoodling… 

…others were quick to offer the dude advice for the future:

Guilty or innocent, people had a lot of fun with it, delighting in the schadenfreude of the moment: 

H/T: 12Up, Twitter