Video Captures Racist Man Trying To Attack Black Woman With A Chair As She Reads Outside An LA Grocery Store

A woman’s terrifying encounter outside of a Los Angeles grocery store shows that racism in the United States isn’t going anywhere. It’s become a staple of society, to a point where people aren’t ashamed to outwardly show it.

While enjoying some study time and music on an otherwise quiet Tuesday afternoon, Angela Jefferson was accosted by a racist man sitting nearby. Unprovoked, the unidentified man started cursing at Jefferson and used what appeared to be a pipe to bang on the tables. 

“He had like a pipe or something or stick and he was hitting it on the tables and he tried to hit me with it,” Jefferson told CBS News. Luckily, she was able to dodge his physical attacks, but his verbal ones were a little more difficult to sidestep. 

“He was calling me the N-Word … he was calling me the B-Word,” she goes on to say.


A witness to the incident, Dulcinea Circelli, captured it on video. “So I came out here and saw that he had broken a chair and was trying to hit this woman in the head and saying the N-Word, and at that point, I started recording,” Circelli said.

Despite Jefferson’s pleas for him to stop, the man continued his irate and lunatic behavior. The physical threat prompted one bystander to step in and try to stop him, but little could be done to curb his racist outrage. The hero of the day, however, did succeed in separating him from Jefferson and took on the brunt of the man’s verbal abuse.

Witnesses alleged he was drunk and was gone by the time sheriff’s deputies arrived. According to the local police, should he return, and is caught causing another scene, he’ll be arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct.

Judging by the severity of the incident, and the public reaction, that may not be enough. 

One Twitter user has a bit of advice to survive in the world today that came down from CNN’s Ana Navaro.

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