Teen With Autism Struggles With Acne–His Sister Asks Online Forum For Help, And They Totally Came Though

A caring teen recently reached out to Reddit on a popular forum called Skincare Addiction (SCA) to help her autistic brother get some relief from both acne and bullying. She got back love, support, hope, and some pretty good answers.

According to Allure, the girl who reached out for help was 19-year-old Callie Ross-Smith, a college student at Chico State in California. Her brother, 16-year-old Alec, is the teen at the heart of it all. 

Here’s how Callie explained the issue on Reddit: 

Redditors responded immediately with kind words and encouragement:

Then they got down to business:

Two days later and after much discussion on the thread, dedicated Redditors had given Callie a plan of action for her brother’s skin. While it may seem a bit complicated at first glance, the crowd made sure to break things into easy, manageable steps, rolled out a bit at a time. 

Not only that, but Alec’s solution comprises almost exclusively products the family can find easily and affordably at their local drugstore.

Callie told Yahoo! why she turned to SCA:

…the traditional approach of a dermatologist just wasn’t going to cut it with my brother’s skin and his special needs. In almost all cases, a dermatologist is a great person to turn to to help with severe acne, but for my brother the traditional methods of fighting acne such as topicals just weren’t working.

Callie explained that a dermatologist had previously prescribed oral antibiotics, which interacted with Alec’s anxiety and seizure medications. But when her family asked the dermatologist for another option, Callie said, “He wasn’t sure what to do with us.”

That’s when Callie remembered her own success with SCA for her skin issues and decided to give it whirl for her brother.   

Callie told Teen Vogue:

I decided to turn to [Reddit] because I saw how open and friendly everyone is in the SCA subreddit. It’s always been a place for discussion and a positive environment — I felt like my brother’s needs would fit right in with the goals of the community.

Callie’s reply on the thread detailed the Redditors’ final solution:

Callie and her family say the responses they got “touched” them. Callie said:

Not only did I get responses from your typical SCA user, many people on the autism spectrum responded, parents responded, and siblings like myself responded.

H/T: Reddit, Yahoo!, Allure, Teen Vogue