Incredibly Frustrated By The Season Finale Of ‘Handmaid’s Tale’? You’re Not Alone

If you’re like most of us, you were screaming in frustration at whatever device you were streaming the season finale of The Handmaid’s Tale on— and if you haven’t watched it yet—*there are spoilers ahead.

One of the best things about The Handmaid’s Tale is its ability to walk a line. There are two sides to everything. People you hate turn out to have good in them. People you love or are rooting for do stupid, heartless, or even awful things. There’s always a duality, always an inner conflict. Rarely do people do the “right” things.  And in the situations these characters find themselves in, you may even find yourself wondering—“What even ARE the ‘right’ things?” 

Everyone is complicit in some way; everyone trapped in some way as well. It’s these uneven shades and emotional complexities that give The Handmaid’s Tale its gravitas and make it such a compelling show. (Well, that and its parallels to life in Trump’s America.) 

But it seems this time, it was all too much for fans—the season 2 finale has just pushed the conflict one step too far. The people are pissed at our protagonist, Offred/June and they have taken to the streets of the interwebs in protest with just one question on their lips.

For sure it was a compelling episode because EVERYBODY was feeling some kinda way about it.

As in all angry mob situations, there were those just looking to pick a fight:

Some hit the writers with a good dose of pragmatism because—WTF were they thinking?!

Others had advice for June:

But most fans were just incredulous and worried:

But one brave fan, Actress and Model Hari Nef, dared to imagine a bright side in an alternate universe:

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