Pizza Delivery Guy Almost Shoots Harmless Dog Due To Misunderstanding

While delivering a pizza at 2 AM in Alaska, an Imgur user had an unexpected encounter. It’s a cautionary tale for gun and dog owners all rolled up into one.

AKghandi was delivering pizzas with his gun in tow when he got the shock of his life. He spotted a dog running at him, which might not seem too threatening in itself. But behind that dog was a woman that AKghandi thought was shouting “Shoot her!”

Thinking he was faced with a feral pup, he reached for his gun and was ready to take the animal down, especially as the woman kept yelling “Shoot her!”

As AKghandi describes in his Imgur post, “I live in Alaska so [it’s] not a stretch to assume someone is armed, and I am always in possession of a concealed firearm.”  He goes on to say the dog was a relatively small shepherd of approximately 60 lbs.

Thankfully, he waited for the dog to get closer before shooting it. This gave him a chance to realize the dog didn’t seem to pose any danger. The dog came up to him, started sniffing and wagging his tail. “I could not see any signs of danger, no frothing, matted blood or anything, just a normal looking doggo.” 

As it turns out, it was a “normal looking doggo.” Just one with a very unfortunate name. After the woman collected her friendly pooch, as she was walking away, AKghandi heard her say “you gotta stop running off Shooter.”

The comments on AKghandi’s post are all pretty much in support of his reaction, with some throwing out humorous anecdotes and jokes of their own.

But one stands out as pointing out the real news hidden within the story.