#SexEdFail Is Trending On Twitter And We’re Already Cringing

Sexual education is a pretty important part of youth education, which is why people are kind of losing their minds over information that the new government of Ontario, Canada, is looking to disseminate to students. 

In an odd ruling, the government completely discarded an updated sex ed curriculum that replaced a 20-year-old curriculum from 1998. As noted by the Buzzfeed article reporting on the range of reactions, the old curriculum “predates social media and legal same-sex marriage.” 

The newer curriculum dealt with concerns like body image, gender identity and cyber-bullying—three topics much on people’s minds these days. Even more importantly, the new curriculum also provided lessons on consent. Therefore, the Canadian ruling reverting to the old curriculum takes students back in time.

Jenna and Kayla, the self-proclaimed “feminist twins,” took to Twitter with #SexEDFail for older generations to share what they went through under the old curriculum.

 As can be expected, people have some incredibly discouraging things to say. It’s a terrifying mix of false and a complete lack of information.

Abortion was barely even a topic, as one Twitter user recalls, and was considered a “last resort.”

The menstruation cycle also came under fire. If you were on your period, as another user brings up as part of the #SexEDFail trend, you were “extra dirty.”

Some didn’t even learn what was happening during their period or what the parts of their body were used for.

According to one educator, many of us probably have something mentally wrong.

And if you watched porn? Forget about it. You were on your way to becoming the next Ted Bundy.

And then there’s the frightening reality that some educators overlooked sex ed entirely.

While likely not a product of the outdated curriculum, Katherine Muldoon (@K_Muldoon) recalls one teacher’s creative name for the male reproductive organ. We’ll leave you with this, because quite frankly, there’s no topping the awkwardness of his “clever” nickname.

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