Chrissy Teigen’s Dad Responds In The Daddiest Way To John Legend’s Emmy Nominations

Chrissy Teigan has reminded everyone that fame, success and, in this case, award nominations mean nothing to a dad acting like a dad. 

She messaged and informed her ol’ man that her husband, John Legend, was nominated for two Emmy Awards. 

His response, one might ask? Pure excitement? Thrilled and unable to contain his praise and pride for his son-in-law? 

Not quite…

His response to the news is, well, a top-notch dad reaction.

Twitter thought it was downright hilarious.

And this has confirmed that famous dads are no different from regular dads.

Dads are always dad-ing no matter how famous their children are. 

Dads, just doing dad things.

Congrats to John Legend! 

Mr. Teigen might have stolen your spotlight, though…

Some have backed dad up though. 

Those memory cards don’t come cheap!

Legend received two Emmy nominations for his portrayal of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, which has a total of 13 nominations. 

Should he score a win on one of those two nominations, Legend will have achieved the ultimate goal for performers: an EGOT.

The treasured EGOT is winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. As a musician, Legend’s 10 Grammys are no surprise. But he also has an Oscar, shared with Common, for their song “Glory” from the film Selma and a Tony as a co-producer on the play Jitney.

Teigen has confirmed that earning an EGOT is a big deal.

Legend’s father-in-law, though? Not impressed. 

Takes a lot more to impress a dad – next time, a thumb drive would do fine. 

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