30 Years In The Making, Fuller House Finally Gets Emmy Recognition

Fans of Full House have been waiting decades for this moment, but it’s finally here. The Tanner family has been nominated for an Emmy! 

Full House may have been off the air for ages, but it’s not gone from our hearts. That theme song is still unforgettable, we still quote the show constantly with “How rude!” and “Have mercy.” We know some of you out there still call your sometimes-annoying-but-always-loyal besties Gibblers. 

The Tanner family is still a fixture on our televisions. The well-received Netflix Revival, Fuller House, follows the family’s shenanigans now that the kids are all grown up with kids of their own. The show maintains its old warmth and family-friendly vibe while tackling modern issues. When the list of Emmy nominations went out, Fuller House was tucked right in the middle of the Children’s Program category. 

The cast and crew were JAZZED about the nomination.

Fans of the show are just as excited.

Best of luck to the cast and crew! 

H/T: Twitter, Instagram, Today