‘Queer Eye’ Is Coming Back For Season Three In A Whole New City

Queer Eye is confirmed to come back for a third season – and everyone is anxiously awaiting more details.

Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, and Tan France are returning as the Fab Five. Obviously. Wouldn’t be the same without ’em, would it?

Fans seriously cannot get enough of these guys:

Really though, could you blame them?

The third season begins filming on Monday July 16, and it is set to debut on Netflix in 2019. Further details on the upcoming eight episodes are sparse, however, we do know that the team will be switching things up and changing location.

Queer Eye announced their move from Georgia to Kansas City, Missouri:

Of course, fans are thrilled for the highly-anticipated third season of the reboot:

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, which was soon shortened to Queer Eye, premiered on Bravo in 2003, and ceased production in 2007. Netflix announced a revamped revival of the reality show, with a brand new Fab Five, in 2017, and the first episode debuted in February 2018. 

From more than a decade ago to now, the premise has stayed consistent. 

Each episode features a team of queer men, a.k.a. The Fab Five, giving a straight man a complete head-to-toe makeover. Each team member is an expert in a specific topic: France does fashion, Ness does grooming, Berk does design, Brown does culture, and Porowski does food and wine.

Since the new series’ premiere there have been a rush of positive reviews, a demand for more, and four nominations for Emmy Awards. Queer Eye has been nominated in the following categories: casting, cinematography, picture editing, and structured reality program. 

Van Ness also received a solo nomination for his eight-episode comedy series, Gay of Thrones, on Funny or Die.

Fans aren’t thrilled, however, that the series won’t be on Netflix until 2019:

No doubt that the third season will be worth the wait, though:

H / T – BuzzFeed, Variety