Sorry, Everyone Else—Will Smith Just Completely Owned Drake’s #InMyFeelingsChallenge

Will Smith is decently new to the world of social media. He’s had an Instagram for just a few months. 

Don’t worry, there’s none of the “dorky dad trying to figure out the front camera” style selfies up his nose or anything like that. He’s new, but Will Smith has always been a quick study. 

He’s already dropping videos and joining in on challenges like a pro.  

We went from nervous to proud of him in like 3 seconds flat, honestly. 

Since Drake dropped his new album, tons of people have been taking part in the #InMyFeelingsChallenge.  Everyday people, athletic clubs and celebrities have taken a crack at it. 

Check out these examples: 

Will Smith stayed out of things… until he saw the video that recording artist Ciara posted. 

She was (finally after 2 years) on her honeymoon in Africa and shared a video of herself and her husband, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, dancing it out with some of the most epic views of Cape Town behind them. 

Seriously, it’s gorgeous

Will Smith saw the video and decided he couldn’t sit this one out any longer. If Ciara could dance on top of a mountain, certainly he could get jiggy with it on top of something iconic. 

He was in Budapest, Hungary, so he took full advantage of his location and went for it, scaling the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. His response involved an element of danger, some drone footage and a possible trespassing (maybe?).

 In other words, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.  

Will Smith doesn’t even have a Twitter account, but Twitter has crowned him the winner of this challenge. 

Pack it up, guys. We can all go home now. 

He scaled a bridge for our entertainment, people! 

So there you go. 

If you were planning on doing the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, you might as well just skip it unless you’ve got an iconic bridge or other landmark, a drone and a whole film crew at your disposal. 

H/T: Twitter, Vulture, Instagram