A Sassy Childhood Photo Of Cardi B And Her Little Sister Gets the Meme Treatment ????

Cardi B might be a new mama to a precious little girl, Kulture Kiari. But as far as memes go, Cardi is still the center of attention.

A now-infamous photo of a 5-year-old Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, a.k.a. Cardi B, sparked a brand new meme craze. 

She has a hand on her hip and a signature sassy slight smile that reminds everyone of that one child who used to correct everyone with what her momma says for… well, everything.

In case you haven’t seen the picture, here it is. 

It was basically begging to be meme-d. 

So, people of the internet did what they do best and created a new meme and viral sensation appropriately named “My Momma Says.”

Twitter had a blast creating these memes.

In fact, there is now an entire page dedicated to this one meme, @YoungCardiB – and the page has a few thousand followers. 

People found that this meme applies to almost anything. Seriously.

Cardi even shared one of the most popular memes on Instagram.

No doubt she got a good laugh out of it. Cardi is famous for being a chart-topping rap sensation and having a great sense of sassy, original humor.

So it came as no surprise when the latest childhood photo of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper was once again made into a meme. 

But this time, she beat everyone to the punch and meme-d it before anyone else had the chance to.

This meme is twice as nice because it includes an equally-sassy little sis, Hennessy.

Twitter maintained the same tattle-tale theme as the first meme.

Kulture is going to grow up and realize that her mother was meme-famous, along with being a best-selling rap artist. Iconic.

These photos have the internet rolling on the floor laughing.

Now, people of the internet await a new throwback photo of the Invasion of Privacy rapper to meme. Stay tuned, folks.

H / T – Twitter, HipHopWired